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6 Benefits of Installing a Ductless AC Unit in Your Home

The popularity of ductless AC units has grown considerably in recent years, and there are many reasons for it. While the market is flooded with a variety of cooling systems, ductless systems, also known as ductless mini-split systems, are increasingly becoming popular as they are energy-efficient, compact in size, and much quieter than conventional cooling systems.

Thus, if you want to purchase a cooling system, you may be overwhelmed with a wide range of options. It may hence help to know the benefits of installing a ductless AC unit in your home so you can weigh your options and decide according to your preferences. Let’s get started!


Lighter on Your Wallet

High energy bills are a major concern, particularly during peak summers when cooling the home in hot weather becomes necessary so you can be comfortable. As the utility rates continue to increase, your bills may increase accordingly year after year. One major reason you may be incurring a significant amount of money on your electricity bill is an inefficient cooling system, as conventional units have ducts that are the most common source of leakage.

If you switch to ductless air conditioning, you can reduce your electricity costs as these units consume less energy. Ductless AC units like the Mitsubishi ductless air conditioner can help save around 30 to 40% on energy expenses.


Simple to Install

Since ductless Ac units do not have ducts, the installation time is much less than AC units with ducts. Moreover, the installation process is also simple, significantly reducing installation costs. It is estimated that installing a ductless AC unit can be done at half the price of a conventional AC unit. Hence, opting for a ductless AC unit may be a better choice if you do not have ductwork installed.

Another benefit of getting the ductless system is that there is no need to bring in heavy machinery for installation, move your furniture, or tear the ceiling, reducing the installation hassle. The only requirement is making a small hole behind the AC's indoor unit, which takes little effort, space, and time.


Improves Air Quality

The ductwork in a conventional AC system can accumulate dust and debris, which affects the air quality. If someone in the family has asthma or any allergies, it may be a problem. On the other hand, since the ductless system lacks ducts, it prevents the air quality inside the room from getting affected by external elements. Moreover, it comes with multi-layer filtration that also keeps the allergens and dust out, making the indoor air healthy and clean.


Helps Save Space

If you have a small living space, the last thing you may want is a bulky overbearing AC unit in your room. Even if the room is of a decent size, having a conventional window AC affects the aesthetics of it as it takes away from other details of the room. These ducted systems also require comprehensive ductwork, which eats up more space in other areas of the house, like your basement or the attic.

On the other hand, you do not have to worry about ducts running through your home with ductless AC units. They are compact and have only a small, sleek indoor unit and an outdoor compressor.


Works in Silence

One of the biggest turnoffs for most conventional AC units is the noise they make when running. If you are trying to relax, it may certainly be a challenge considering all the noise and ruckus, especially when the unit keeps turning off and on. With ductless ACs, most of the unit is placed outside the home, so you do not have to listen to all the sounds made by their operations. These units are often so silent that you may not even know it is working if it were not for the cool air.


Requires Little Maintenance

If you compare ductless air conditioners with ducted options, they require very little maintenance. All you need to do is clean around the outdoor unit, the filters, and the vents so that the airflow is not hindered. You do not need to worry about checking the ducts and sealing leaks, as is required in conventional air conditioning systems. This saves you time and money you would otherwise incur on the unit’s maintenance.


Final Thoughts

There are multiple kinds of air conditioning system options available in the market, and you must take your time to research the available options so you can make an informed choice. The features mentioned in the article are just some benefits of installing a ductless AC unit, making it a viable option for your home.

Author: Wispaz Technologies