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Detailed Method for Adding & Handling EML Files/Folders in Office 365

Summary: Since Office 365 is one of the best cloud-based services that lets users access their emails from anywhere at any time, users want to transfer EML to it. How can I open an EML file in Outlook 365? You can quickly open .eml files in Office 365 by using a tool like GainTools EML Converter. The application can import EML files directly into Office 365 with only a few simple clicks. It has a ton of advanced features, such as bulk importing, email filtering, export options, etc.

How Do I Use Office 365 Admin Center's Method 2 to Import EML Files?

Sadly, importing EML files into an Office 365 account cannot be done easily by hand. However, the PST file is accessible from any version of Outlook and can be easily imported into the 0365 accounts. As a result, before importing the PST file into your O365 account, you must first convert EML to PST.

Quick Fix: Use the GainTools EML to PST Converter Tool to export EML files to an Outlook PST file. With its help, EML files created with any compatible email client can be transformed.

  • To begin with, export an EML file to an Outlook PST file.


  • We are using Windows Live Mail, which supports the EML file format, to complete this conversion.
  • Start your computer's WLM application, then choose File from the menu.
  • Click Export Email after choosing Email Messages.


  • After choosing Microsoft Exchange from the Choose Program option, click Next.
  • Now there will be a new message asking for the export to be confirmed. Click OK to continue.
  • After choosing the mail folder from WLM that you want to export, click OK.
  • The progress report will be shown after the conversion process starts.
  • Upon completion of the conversion, a completion note will appear on the screen.


  • Activate the "Finish" menu item.

Step 2: Import PST files by opening Office 365.

You must import the PST data file into O365 to complete the EML file import process to an Office 365 account.

  • To log in, open your Office 365 account.
  • New tasks must be created on the Import page to upload data to an Office 365 Azure storage location.
  • Copy the SAS URL and save it for network upload.
  • You can download, install, and utilize the Azure AzCopy software.
  • Use the AzCopy.exe tool at the command prompt to upload the PST files to O365.
  • Create a CSV file with the mailbox data.
  • Create a PST import job so that you can check the CSV file.
  • Import PST files into O365 as you proceed.

Give up using time-consuming manual procedures and manual strategies. They will cost you. Although it's easy to use, there's a danger that these free cures can destroy your data. Importing EML files into Office 365 is best done with the help of the GainTools EML Converter application. Grab a free copy and give it a go.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does one go about converting EML to Outlook 365?
Once the GainTools EML to Office 365 Converter has launched, click Add Folder. Locate the folder that has the .eml files now. This option allows you to export a limitless amount of EML files in a single attempt. The simplest way to open an EML file in Outlook Web Access is to follow this procedure.

Please let me know whether using a supported email program is required to complete the migration.
The software doesn't need a client that can open .eml files.

What is the procedure in Office 365 for opening an EML file?
The utility imports.eml files into O365 accounts, to put it simply. There will be a new folder called GainTools. It's where your email file is kept.

Author: james-davies