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Fun DIY Projects to Make Your Bedroom More Comfortable

While you may not spend all of your waking hours in your bedroom, it is where you recharge after a long day and refresh yourself for the next day to come. You want your bedroom to feel comfortable and cozy and to ensure your space is relaxing enough for you to get a good night's sleep. If you are looking to upgrade your bedroom to make it more comfortable, these fun DIY projects are perfect for you.

Give the Walls a New Look

One of the quickest and easiest ways to transform your bedroom is by giving your walls a new look. There are a few ways you can have fun changing up the look of your walls to make your bedroom more comfortable.

The easiest and most affordable way to transform your bedroom walls is by painting them. You can get paint for an affordable price, and it can be completed in just a few hours. For something more elaborate, you can hang up wallpaper or even some removable wall decals.

If you want to get really creative with your bedroom walls to make the room more comfortable, you can try installing faux stone or brick. Whether you cover all of the walls in your bedroom or just create an accent wall, it can be a great way to make the room feel more yours and make it a place where you can unwind.

Upgrade Your Bedding

You want your bed to look as comfortable as it feels, and one of the best ways to do that is to upgrade your bedding. Get some plush blankets to layer, and do not skimp on your pillows. It can be fun to pick out new bedding that you can sink into at the end of the day. You can also take old bedding and transform it with fabric dye or print some words or designs onto the fabric. Redesigning your bedding to make the bed more comfortable is a great way to make your room — and the bed — feel more comfortable.

Add Homey Scents

A scent is a great way to make a room have a relaxing and comfortable ambiance, so adding some candles or an oil diffuser is a great way to make your bedroom feel more comfortable. This is more of a decorating project than a DIY project, but it can be fun nonetheless to pick out some scents that will help you unwind at the end of the day.

Hang Bedside Sconces

Wall sconces can have a romantic look and feel to them, which makes them a great addition to a bedroom. You can find wall sconces for your bedside lighting in many different styles, so there is one for whatever your personal tastes are. These are fun to shop for and typically easy to install. Plus, having some cute lights next to your bed can make the room feel more comfortable, especially since it means you will not have to get up to turn off the light when it is time for sleep.

Embrace Dark Colors

Light hues can make a room feel bigger, but using darker colors in the bedroom can envelop it, making it a good place to relax and sleep. Whether you choose to paint the room a darker color or you decide to use dark bedding, it can help make the room more ideal to sleep in.

Add Wooden Ceiling Beams

A wooden accent can add a touch of warmth to a bedroom that will make it feel comfortable and cozy. You just need to get some wooden beams and attach them to your ceiling to give it an architectural look. It is a bigger project to complete, but it can be a lot of fun, and it should help make your bedroom feel much more comfortable.

Build a DIY Canopy for the Bed

A bed canopy is a romantic ideal, but most bedframes do not come with one. If you have always dreamed of having a canopy for your bed, it can be a fun DIY project to build one yourself. You just need some rods to attach to your ceiling, paired with some sheer curtains. You can position the rods around the corners or the bed on the ceiling, which can make it look more like a custom job, and you can enjoy waking up surrounded by sheer curtains every day.

For a more magical look, you can have the canopy curtains completely behind the head of your bed and add some LED string lights behind the curtains. Your headboard will have a beautiful, magical look to it that you can enjoy.

Add an Electric Fireplace

Nothing says comfortable more than a fireplace, but most bedrooms do not have one. If you dream of staring into a fire at night before you doze off, you can easily install an electric one that looks real. To make it look even more real, you can install faux stone or brick as a fireplace surround, so it will look more like the real thing. This is a fun and simple DIY project that can make your bedroom feel more comfortable and simply luxurious.

Create a Floating Nightstand

Do you need a little bit more floor space in your bedroom? You can easily give yourself that room by installing a floating shelf or two with drawers for your nightstand. You will have space for your slippers to go when you take them off before bed while still having a nightstand at the same time.

Add a Rug

No matter what type of flooring you have in your bedroom, you can always add a little throw rug to make the room more comfortable. Adding an area rug can add some texture and color to the room, and if you have a cold floor, it can also add some warmth. If you decide to place the rug under the bed, try to find one that will extend about three feet on either side so you can enjoy the warmth and beauty that it brings to the room.

Block Out Light

It can be hard to get to sleep or stay asleep if you do not have anything to keep your bedroom dark. You can hang some blackout curtains or just get something a little thicker than what you currently have to block out the sun. To have some fun and get creative with it, instead of buying curtains, you can try hanging up a scarf you do not wear anymore or even a cute tablecloth. As long as you are able to darken the room a little bit better and give yourself some more privacy, it should work well.


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Auz Burger is a freelance writer and an expert in faux stone and brick veneer and home DIY projects. She has a BA from Washington State University and has been writing and editing professionally for over a decade.

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