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How to Grate an Onion Using a Grater

Whether using shallots, yellow onions, or red onions, grating these aromatic bulbs allows home cooks to infuse savory onion flavor into any dish. Follow this tutorial to learn how to grate an onion using simple kitchen tools.


What Is a Grated Onion?

Grating onions is one of the most efficient ways to obtain small, fine onion pieces that cook quickly. Grating a raw onion entails shaving it down into very small slices, which a dice or even a very fine mince cannot achieve. This method produces small onion pieces that caramelize quickly and evenly, as opposed to chopped or diced onions, which must usually be precooked before being added to a sautéed mixture. Grated onion is ideal for infusing a strong, savory onion flavor into dishes such as meatballs, meatloaf, and various gravies.


How to Grate an Onion Using a Grater

A grater is the best way to grate an onion, but a food processor will suffice. To grate an onion with a box grater or cheese grater, follow these steps:

1. Peel: Remove the outer peel from the entire onion. If the sulfoxides in onions make you cry, place the onion in the freezer or soak it in cold water before cutting.

2. Slice: Cut the onion in half vertically from root to stem with a sharp knife. Remove the onion's very top or the stem end. Keep the onion's root intact; you'll need it to help you grate the onion.

3. Grate: Place the cut top end of the onion against the grater while holding the grater upright. Holding the onion's cut end (or root), shred it against the grater in a back and forth motion. You can grate the onion all the way down to the nub of the basal plate.


How to Grate an Onion Using a Food Processor

If you don't have a grater or need to grate several onions quickly, use your food processor's shredding function. It's important to note that overprocessing your onion can result in a liquidy pulp that's more juice than onion. To grate an onion in a food processor, follow these steps.

1. Peel: Remove the onion's outer peel completely. If your eyes are sensitive to sulfoxides, freeze or soak the onion in cold water before cutting.

2. Slice the onion: Place it on a cutting board and cut off the stem and root. The onion should then be cut into quarters.

3. Process: Feed each piece of the cut onion into the food processor with the shredding attachment, only using the blades as needed to achieve the desired texture. Instead of just letting the food processor run, use the "pulse" feature if possible.

4. Drain: Place the grated onions in a cheesecloth and squeeze out the excess moisture if there is a lot of extra onion juice left over after shredding.

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