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Plan & promote the perfect Mothers Day brunch using these 7 simple tips
Mother’s Day is coming up soon, and you should plan something really special for the event. A brunch is a really nice way to show moms love and appreciation. Whether it’s a special brunch event designed for a group of mothers, or a personal brunch for individuals, there are multiple things you need to keep in mind. If you’re running a group event, you need to promote it in advance and make sure you get sign-ups before making final arrangements. Whatever sort of thing you have in mind, here are a few tips you should follow so that things run smoothly when the day comes around.  

Work around a theme

It is essential to figure out a theme before you do anything else. Are you going all-out fancy or do you want to go down the rustic route? Make this decision carefully, and also look online to see what is trending these days. You can even be unconventional and have a far-out theme like one that fits in with the top TV show of the time. Just make sure you have this figured out, and then take the next steps in planning and promotion. 

Do your research into your area’s restaurants

If you run a restaurant, then you should obviously host the brunch on your premises. However, if you’re an event planner, then you should do your research into your area’s restaurants. Figure out what sort of food and seating is available, and whether you’ll be allowed to change up the decor according to your theme. Also make any bookings in advance, and see whether any advance payment is needed. 

Figure out what food to serve

Of course, the food you’ll be serving is integral to your Mother’s day brunch. If you’re hosting the event at a restaurant, pick a few key items and drinks, and let people choose between them. Make sure you keep dietary restrictions in mind, and have vegan and gluten-free options as well. It’s also a fun idea to serve themed Mother’s day drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. To keep things fun, make sure you don’t add messy food to the menu and have a nice menu with a variety of options for all kinds of food choices. The same rule of thumb goes if you’re hosting the brunch at a venue where you’re arranging catering. A few live stations will also look really nice, so do think about those as well. 

Create a custom Mother’s Day menu

A fancy brunch should have a really nice menu printed out as well at each seat. Create your Mother’s day brunch menu using the poster and menu templates on PosterMyWall, and then print it out on quality cardstock. Share this menu online as well when marketing your event on your social media pages, complete with details like allergy warnings, prices, and flavor profiles. This menu should follow the general event theme, and also have the color scheme you’re following throughout your marketing and your decor. 

Plan out the decor

Get in touch with decor providers in the area, and brief them about the brunch and the relevant theme. Then, figure out the sort of decor that works with your menu and your theme. Arrange the right flowers, crockery, seating arrangements, centerpieces and other decor a few weeks before your brunch. Then, you should be set up fully the day before the event, and make sure everything is in order according to your plans and theme. 

Share the relevant details on social media

Make sure you market your event on social media. Talk about it on your own platform, and also have the vendors like the venue, decor, and attendees share any posts you put up on their social media. Make the relevant posts in advance using PosterMyWall, and stick to the theme you decided on beforehand. You have to be sure you add all the details like time, menu, pricing, theme, and more in these posts, and also hype up people to sign up and attend. 

Arrange for nice photos to be taken

People would really like to take away nice memories from your brunch. So, get a professional photographer for the event. Book them well in advance and let your audience know you’re offering this service at your brunch so that they’re more tempted to make a reservation for your brunch. Share these photos on social media, with permission, of course, and also share them with your attendees in a Drive folder or something similar. 

So, here were a few tips to help you plan the best Mother’s Day brunch and promote it online. Once you have these ironed out, you’re sure to have a successful event your attendees will remember and appreciate. 

Author: Fabian Cortez