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Top 03 Tricks - Split Large Outlook PST Files Effectively

The question "How to split large PST files?" comes up frequently for Outlook users. Users of Outlook by Microsoft frequently need to separate huge PST files to properly manage their data. However, they were confronted with a problem: they were ignorant of the methods for splitting huge Outlook PST files. To assist them, this article gathers several practical and successful ways to split up big PST files without Outlook. Keep going through this blog if you'd like to learn from the same experience.

How Can Big Outlook PST Files Be Manually Split?

There are several free ways to divide large Microsoft Outlook PST files. The two best methods for splitting PST files into smaller files are covered in this section. To split Outlook PST files with Outlook, simply follow any one of these instructions to the letter. Now let's get started:

Method 1 - Make Use of Archive Feature Capabilities

·  You must launch Microsoft Outlook and select the File option first.

·  Next, pick Tools by clicking on the Info option. Next, choose the option to clean up old things.

·   In Archive items older than a box, select a folder to archive and a date.

·   Next, click Choose to save the files that were previously archived.

Method 2 - Making Use of the Import/Export Wizard Tool

Go to the File menu, select Account Settings, and then click Account Settings once more.
Then, in the Account settings wizard, choose the Add option.

·  Click OK after adding the file name in PST file format.          

·   A new PST file is produced in this location, which you can examine by selecting the data files option.

·   Select Import/Export under Open & Export after selecting File.

·   Click the Next button after selecting the Export to a file option in Import/Export.

·    Select the PST file that is currently created in the Export to a file area.

·    You must then select the relevant directories and view the ability to add subfolders.

·    To store the converted Outlook data file, click the Browse option and choose the desired location.

·     Finally, to get rid of duplicate elements, select the Do not transfer duplicate items option. Next, press the Finish tab.

What If Splitting a Large PST File by Hand Doesn't Work?

The manual solutions mentioned above are only functional when Microsoft Outlook apps are installed locally. It even has several restrictions that affect your important information. However, you shouldn't worry! You have another option if you want to split up massive Outlook data files. The tool to split large Outlook data files can be downloaded for free.

An Effective Method for Dividing Huge Outlook PST Files

Selecting third-party software is useful whenever it's necessary to divide split large Outlook PST files into multiple files without installing Outlook. However, when a person looks for the best, a question is presented. Therefore, use the MS DataVare Outlook PST Splitter tool to freely split large PST files.

The program's incredible capabilities make it one of the best tools for splitting PST files into smaller segments. All MS Outlook editions are supported by the tool. As a result, there are no issues regarding compatibility while using the program on any Windows and Mac OS.

How to Divide Outlook PST Files into Smaller parts?

To split huge Outlook PST files without Outlook, just follow the steps listed below.

·  Install and launch reputable software on your computer.

·   Navigate the target path and add the PST file(s) or folder(s).

·   Next, select a dividing option from the list that includes date, year, folder, size, and category splitting.

·   To continue, select the destination path for storing output files

·   The PST splitting procedure is now finished.


Last Words

This article includes a thorough explanation of splitting huge Outlook PST files outside of Outlook. Through the use of the provided techniques, users can divide large PST files into parts. However, there are several drawbacks to the free technique for dividing up huge PST files that interfere with the process of splitting Outlook PST files altogether. Therefore, it is preferable to use the third-party method mentioned above to split PST files without losing any data.

Author: david-son