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Ways to Make Your Home Pet Friendly: Expert Tips to Follow

Before moving into a new home, you have to consider many things. Similarly, you have to think about your pets if you have any. Some people think about how to make their pets comfortable in the home. So no matter if you are looking to find apartments for rent in ANN Arbor, MI, you should explore the ways to make your home pet friendly.

Definitely, you don't only need to consider the liking of your pet. Similarly, you only don't need to consider your needs while choosing the home. So here comes the major challenge of how to make your pet friendly in your new home.

Most pet owners don't understand the needs of their pets. They don't have any idea what is the routine and liking of their pet. So they should make a small area for pets in their home. Plus, they should consider the tips we will mention below.


Tips to Follow for Making Home Pet-Friendly

As we know, decorating the new home is fun and exciting. But you should never forget your four-legged friend. Though having a pet gives you many rewards, such as loyalty and unconditional love, having a pet also comes with many responsibilities which you need to cover.

So if you want to keep pets in your home, then you should consider all these tips. These will help you to create a luxurious home for your pet with all things that your pet needs.


Install a sliding glass door:

Pet urine is hard to identify on doors. But glass doors can identify the signs of pet urine easily. Commonly all people prefer to install a sliding door if they have pets. It is because this door is easy to clean and takes only half a minute to open. The major benefit of glass doors is that they are easily accessible. Having a pet in your home means moving here and there, thus these doors are the best option for you.

While other doors, such as rod and steel, take almost one to two minutes to clean. Obviously, no one has enough time to clean these doors properly.


Be Careful About Your Surroundings Items:

Among all other pets, cats are more active. So they may easily become familiar with your home and furniture. This way, they have much freedom to move and play all around the home. It means they have the freedom to break your glass items and showpieces. Not only do they break, but they are also at risk of injury.

So you should keep all the glass items, show pieces, and vases on the upper table away from the reach of pets. Moreover, make sure to install hidden wiring. So your home will look clean, and your pets will not eat this wiring. 


Avoid Carpets:

Never place rugs and carpets in your home where pets love to come most. The reason is that these surfaces attract more fur and dander. As a result, your carpet becomes the favorite place for germs to breed. So you should only choose flooring options. These may be laminate floors, vinyl floors, tile, and marble.


Choose Upholstery Wisely:

The best upholstery is faux leather because it is durable and easy to clean. Plus, this leather can't absorb any odor. Make sure to always bring bright colored leather instead of light color. The reason is that dark color is easy to maintain.

Moreover, always buy washable cushion covers for sofas. So you may easily remove and wash them in the machine. Never buy silk, chenille, and velvet covers as these are attractive for pet furs.


Take Safety Measures:

Pet safety must be your priority. You not only need to keep glass items away from pets. You also need to keep all fertilizers, toxic chemicals, and pesticides away from your pet's reach. Plus, always cover the dust bins so your pet doesn't access them.

The installation of the screen on the window is necessary. It keeps pets safe from jumping out. However, you should install a boundary around the garden to keep pets safe.

Some plants are poisonous for your pets, either dog or cat. So you should only have plants that are safe for your pets.


Keep Cleaning Products Out Of Reach:

Cleaning agents are harmful to pets. Their paws can absorb cleaning agents from the floor. Using bleach will cause irritation to pets. It may be toxic for the life of pets.

So try to use vinegar or water in place of strong agents. You should store all the cleaning agents far from pets. It is necessary for their safety.



In conclusion, nothing is impossible that can't be done for pets. Many pet owners can do everything for their pets. Their new homes are pet friendly. They know how to train their pets according to a new place.

Owning a stylish home and an active pet at the same time is challenging. It is possible with good planning. Use pet-friendly furniture in the home. Don't use light-colored material. Try to exhaust your home to remove pet odor. Use sliding glass doors in your home, especially in the more accessible places. It will make your home pet friendly.

Create designed areas for your pawed friends. Try to make them feel at home. If you follow all these tips, your new home will be a pet-friendly paradise!

Author: Wispaz Technologies