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Wedding Theme Ideas by Mindy Weiss

Wedding themes incorporate the concept of your big day into unified reception décor, wedding party looks, color palettes, centerpieces, and other elements.


What Exactly Is a Wedding Theme?

A theme in wedding planning is an idea, concept, or mood that connects the various elements of your wedding day. The vibe of your wedding can influence the floral bouquets, color schemes for the décor, and even the style of the wedding attire. You can select from a variety of wedding aesthetics or styles, such as boho, glam, eco-friendly, minimalist, or elegant. Part of the fun of wedding planning is getting to choose how your wedding venue can help you achieve your theme, as well as wedding décor that matches your ideas.


Is a Wedding Theme Required?

When planning your dream wedding, you may or may not have a theme in mind. While you may choose a specific theme (such as a Disney or Roaring '20s wedding), your theme can also be used to express tone and aesthetics. Consider how your design ideas can make for a cohesive ceremony and wedding reception. Everything from wedding invitations to bridesmaid dresses, guest dress codes, wedding colors, décor ideas, and more will be influenced by your wedding style.


10 Wedding Theme Ideas

Once you've decided on a theme, select the design elements that will make your wedding perfect. Consider the following popular wedding themes:

1. Art deco wedding: This is a more design-forward approach that incorporates flappers and other 1920s aesthetics into geometric shapes, sleek artwork, and zigzag or chevron-patterned forms. You can carry the theme through to wedding favors, such as gold art deco matchboxes for guests.

2. Beach wedding: This type of destination wedding allows guests to go barefoot at the waterfront ceremony. You might suggest pastels for décor to keep with the summery vibe or advise guests wear white or neutral-colored linen outfits to match the aesthetic. The theme can be carried over to the drink menu, with specialty cocktails such as Mojitos and Pina Coladas.

3. Bohemian wedding: Table décor for your bohemian wedding could include found materials or DIY centerpieces. Brides and grooms may choose nontraditional attire for bohemian weddings, and guests may dress in looser, less formal attire. Bohemian weddings prioritize authenticity over glitz, and Edison bulbs over pricey chandeliers. This wedding theme can include an outdoor element, so a garden wedding can also be boho-chic.

4. Outdoor wedding: You can turn the great outdoors into your personal fantasy land. Outdoor weddings in a park, backyard, or near a mountain or lake can provide a less formal setting for wedding guests. Simple table settings and wildflowers from nearby areas can be used as wedding flowers. Wedding planners should have a backup plan in place in case of inclement weather.

5. Modern wedding: Choose simple décor and clean lines to highlight the venue or wedding location for a modern, elegant wedding.

6. Rustic wedding: With wood and DIY flair, the rustic wedding theme pays homage to the natural world. You could use glass jars as drinking vessels, use fairy lights for softer lighting, and hold your wedding ceremony in a barn or other greenery-filled location.

7. Seasonal wedding: When planning a wedding, keep the season in mind. Depending on whether your wedding is in the spring, summer, fall, or winter, you have a lot of options for floral arrangements, dress colors, and even linen styles. Tablescapes with autumn leaves, for example, could be used at a fall wedding.

8. Traditional wedding: If you want a traditional wedding theme, you will adhere to several traditions. You could, for example, host a black-tie event in which the groomsmen wear tuxedos and the bridal party wears matching gowns. Alternatively, you could have a cake topper that resembles you and your significant other in doll form. Your traditional wedding can include the following elements: a ceremony, cocktail hour, toasts, dinner, dancing, and the cutting of the wedding cake.

9. Imaginative wedding: Whimsy can definitely be incorporated into your romantic wedding. You can select unusual floral arrangements, patterned dresses, snaking tables (rather than plain circular or square ones), and various types of chairs and lighting fixtures.

10. Vintage wedding: Upcycled and reclaimed items can add a glamorous touch to a wedding. Vintage dresses, silverware, glassware, and other materials can be used to tie the theme together and provide your guests with a memorable experience.


Mindy Weiss, a wedding planner, offers 5 wedding theme ideas

Consider the following advice from celebrity wedding planner Mindy Weiss when designing your wedding theme:

1. Borrow décor items and flatware. Themes frequently necessitate specific décor items, such as wooden slabs for a rustic reception, rattan chargers for a tropical affair, or mismatched china for a romantic affair. "You're welcome to borrow furniture," Mindy says. "If you like that eclectic look, pull out a bunch of different tables. It'll only add to the character." Votives, glassware, and flatware can also be used to suggest a theme. "I guarantee you that your aunts, mother, sisters, and friends will have beautiful flatware that you can borrow," she adds.

2. Go bold with your theme. The color and size of décor items you choose can help express a theme, regardless of your budget. "If you want ultimate drama, I would go with deep, dark, bold flowers," Mindy says. "No matter the time of year. . . if someone comes in and says, 'I want to sexy, bold wedding,' I'm going to reach right for these big, burgundy dahlias or roses, which are readily available most places. Color, size, and depth are all very bold. Do it if you're feeling brave. And you can do it on a budget because the more color you use, the less color you need."

3. Enlist the help of your wedding party. Committing to a theme takes time and effort, especially when you have a budget to consider. A theme may necessitate gathering wild flowers, stringing lights, or creating centerpieces. "Get your wedding party”both sides of the wedding party”to help you," Mindy suggests. "Make it a fun event, perhaps a couple days before the wedding, or don't go to bed too late the night before [and] spend the day together finishing everything up."

4. Make it personal. Add personal touches to any theme you choose to go the extra mile. "I did an event once where the client did a lot of research and gave me a picture of every single person there," Mindy recalls. "We made that part of the place card. Not only was it fun to find your seat, but it also demonstrated that the couple went out of their way to say, 'We are delighted that you are attending our event.'"

5. Pick a color palette. Mindy advises couples to use color even if their color scheme is simple. "Colors really reflect an emotion, not only with you and your partner, but as your guests walk into the room," Mindy says. "A reaction is always present. So, whether you choose something very modern or something that looks like an unkempt garden, they will immediately know what direction you have chosen for the look and feel of your wedding."

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