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When to Send Wedding Invitations

When it comes to informing people about your wedding, save-the-dates and invitations serve different functions. Both provide information about the event, but the save-the-date does so earlier and in a less thorough manner than the invitation. Learn more about the distinctions between wedding save-the-dates and invitations.


What Is a Save-the-Date?

A save-the-date is a card that contains important information about a forthcoming wedding. Once you and your partner have finalized your wedding guest list, you can begin sending these preliminary invitations to everyone as a heads-up to ensure that their calendars are free for your wedding date.

This also ensures that everyone has enough time to make travel arrangements. Some people even send save-the-date magnets, which guests can stick on their refrigerators as a constant reminder of the upcoming event.


What to Include in a Save-the-Date

Make your save-the-date card as brief as possible. These are the essential elements you must include in order for people to plan for your special day:

Location: Indicate the city and wedding venue where your event will take place. Even if you plan a local wedding, keep in mind that some guests may have to travel to see you get married. This information is especially important if you are planning a destination wedding, as everyone will need to plan their travel schedule in addition to keeping the day open.

Names: Include the full names of both you and your significant other on these wedding cards, as well as a blurb describing the purpose of the brief letter. If the bride's mother and father have paid to host the wedding, some people include their names.

Wedding date: As the name implies, the primary purpose of a save-the-date card is to encourage people to mark the date on their personal calendars so that they can celebrate your wedding. With enough notice, this helps ensure that as many people as possible can attend your wedding.


What Is a Wedding Invitation?

A wedding invitation is a more detailed version of a save-the-date that requests someone's attendance at your ceremony and reception. These formal invitations frequently include extra inserts such as engagement photos as keepsakes, as well as additional information such as how to RSVP and what to expect on the wedding day. While save-the-date cards are typically simple, formal wedding invitations may use a more ornate stationery suite.


What to Include in a Wedding Invitation

Your formal wedding invitation should include all of the information from your save-the-date cards, as well as any additional information. When you send out actual invitations, include the following:

Details on logistics: Use your invitation to finalize more specific wedding details for your guests. Indicate whether you will provide on-site childcare, expect parents to care for their children themselves, or prefer a child-free event. Inform people if they can bring a guest. Provide hotel recommendations as well as other pertinent travel information.

RSVP information: In the body of your official invitation, explain how people can RSVP. Include an RSVP card if you want them to mail you a confirmation. As an alternative, keep everything digital. In this case, include a link to your wedding website.

URL of the wedding website: In this day and age, your wedding guests may appreciate an online resource to RSVP, access registry information, and learn your wedding hashtag, among other things. If you have a wedding website, please include the URL. Many couples choose to match the aesthetic of their wedding website to that of their wedding invitations, for example, by incorporating their wedding colors into both elements.


When Should You Send Save-the-Dates?

According to save-the-date etiquette, you should give your guests plenty of time to mark your event on their calendars. Send these out a year to six months before your wedding. This allows everyone plenty of time to prepare if they intend to attend.


When Should You Send Wedding Invitations?

Wedding planning can be stressful, but it's critical that you remember to send out invitations on time as you prepare for the event. Wedding etiquette suggests sending these formal invitations two or three months before the ceremony and reception.

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