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Are There Indian Buffet Hotels in Texas?

The short answer is yes. The long one deserves a lot more understanding about Indian food. There are hundreds of Indian themed diners, restaurants, and Indian Buffet services available across Texas. In fact, Indian food is beginning to see a huge demand across all of the US. Obviously, this is because of the cuisine™s use of spices and flavors. The Indian varieties are gaining a fan following of sorts with its colorful sets of dishes. So, many native restaurants have added Indian dishes to their menus, and many Indian themed restaurants are being opened up to serve eager diners.


Indian Food is Composed of Spicy & Tangy Ingredients

As you know already, Indian food is spicy. India is the spice capital of the world and there are over 500 different spices available from the country. If you had to use only a handful of them in your regular dishes prepared at home, you would be surprised at the tastes they add to your tongue. Spices like mustard seeds, pepper, chilies, are common, and others like ginger, cardamom, coriander, asafoetida, garam masala, are used for barbeque seasoning. But what makes these spices tick in Indian foods is the ratio of these spices blended together after being powdered.


You Get a Rich Combination of Flavors & Aroma

If you were to use the same spices above and make a chicken curry at your home, your dish would turn out with a unique taste than the dish from your favorite Indian restaurant. The Indians have a specific ratio of these powders for each of their dishes. This is what makes all their dishes unique and spicy. It adds more flavor to the dishes too. Be it the meat varietals, or the vegan dishes, the spices and their combinations available in Indian cuisine is top-notch. You have to taste them at your nearest Indian restaurant yourself.


Have a Sumptuous Lunch at Top Texan Restaurants

Fortunately for you, there are a lot of eateries opening up across Texas that have Indian dishes in their menus. Some restaurants are Indian themed and they even offer Indian Lunch Buffet throughout the week. This buffet usually has about 25 to 30 separate dishes, all unique and tasty. From dosas to chicken curry, from naans to paneer masala, you can taste them all at your favorite restaurant nearby. Do a quick search and look for a hotel near you. check out their menu and we™re sure you won™t be disappointed with the menu.


Experience a Different Style of Food

The main thing you need to remember while trying Indian food is to know whether the dish is a north Indian item, or a south Indian one. Both the cuisines use spices in them, but the main difference comes with the usage of coconut in the dishes. The south Indian cuisine uses the flavorful coconut in most of its dishes, while the north Indian cuisine uses paneer frequently. Coconut adds a different hint of taste to the dishes. Try them all, they are good for your health.

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