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Effective Method for Switching Windows Live Mail Emails in MS Outlook

Summary/Oversight: Do you need assistance converting EML messages to PST so that you may read an EML file in Outlook PST? If so, this blog post was created specifically for you. Everything from the PST file format to the EML file extension and how to convert EML files to PST using a reliable EML to PST converter that has been certified by experts are covered. Go through the entire blog article to get all the specifics.

Microsoft Outlook used the PST (Personal Storage Table) file format by default. It functions as a place to store a variety of data types, such as calendars, tasks, emails, notes, diaries, and contacts.

Why is Using a Manual Approach Not Recommended?

A variety of email clients can create or support EML files, including DreamMail, Entourage, Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird to MS Outlook, Outlook Express, eM Client, and IncrediMail. Users handling EML files from different systems can find the manual techniques erratic, as they rely on the original email software. Furthermore, manual processes are often technological, which means that those without technical knowledge cannot effectively use them.

There is no assurance of success when using manual approaches, and there is a danger of data loss and file corruption. Considering these difficulties, it is understandable why many would rather not open EML messages in Outlook by hand.

FixVare EML to PST Converter is a Trustworthy Solution:

The best tool is FixVare EML to PST Converter Application, which incorporates EML files into the Outlook interface in a seamless manner. This tool works with every version of Windows, including 11, 10, 8, 7, 8.1, Vista, and XP. It is excellent at maintaining the original properties of EML files when they are moved to Outlook.

• These files load easily in all email clients that handle EML files, such as Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Entourage, Windows Mail, and Mozilla Thunderbird.

• Batch conversion of EML files to PST format is made easier with the help of the EML to PST Converter. The resultant UNICODE PST files work with every version of Outlook, from 2019 to 2003.

• Use the EML to PST Converter to quickly and easily convert EML messages and their attachments to Outlook PST within the Outlook interface. The program lets you save particular EML file types in PST format by giving you freedom in where to store the PST file and enabling you to apply filters like To, From, Subject, Date Range, and Exclude Deleted Folders.

• Before starting the conversion process, users can examine EML files using the preview option. The EML to PST Converter is easily accessible to both technical and non-technical users because of its user-friendly graphical interface.

• Microsoft Outlook is the most often used email client for storing personal information in business settings and is regarded as the main email software.

Author Pen's Last Words

The EML to PST Converter demo version provides a thorough rundown of the software's features for people who would like extra information. It enables the free export of a small number of EML emails to Outlook PST format. provide a comprehensive grasp of its capabilities. The demo version allows clients to evaluate the software's applicability rapidly. They can choose to upgrade to the licensing edition if they're happy. allowing EML files to be exported to Outlook indefinitely.

Author: kim-namjoon